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Thanks to kassy, I kind of stole her post layout because I like it.

24/04/2022 can't quite shake the thought that i am not really good at anything, a thought which has been looming over me all my life. i kind of just never felt the drive to pursue my interests long enough to gain any meaningful ability or knowledge. im almost ready to come to terms with the fact that i may just never achieve anything impressive.
18/04/2022 Suddenly, life has new meaning
10/04/2022 when did life get so boring. i swear to god it used to feel like there was adventure, and even if i was still depressed i at least felt something. now i just feel alone, smoking weed helps but isn't like it used to be. i never do anything cool, and everyone pisses me off so i just avoid them. im just laying in bed listening thru Deathconsciousness by Have A Nice Life for the millionth time because at least the wall of sound that is Earthmover immerses me in something other than my usual numb state.
04/04/2022 I'm pretty sure i've got covid, courtesy of the girl i met at a party last night. Not great, but whatever, worth it. also gives me a reason not to go into work for a week. hey, maybe while i'm isolating i'll start actually posting here, who knows. otherwise, this site's pretty pointless.
26/03/2022 My first post... :o so cool get excited for more
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